The division develops cost reduction projects through the use of innovative Cost Management and Procurement techniques, which allow the obtainment of concrete and long-lasting results.

The specialization fields are related to the Supply Chain and, in particular, to the following categories:

  • Transport (national/international, ship/airplane/train/truck);
  • Logistics (logistics outsourcing);
  • Packaging (primary, secondary and tertiary).

The service’s distinctive features are:

  • Rapid and effective analysis, evaluation of alternatives and implementation of choices;
  • Projects do not require activities by the client (without client’s working time);
  • Updated category-based prices and technologies;
  • Immune to influence from suppliers;
  • Project management (from analysis to final implementation);
  • Client’s decision-making autonomy;
  • High-level seniority of professionals involved in the project.
Riduzione Costi Trasporti
  • Payment based exclusively on results, according to a Success-Fee approach that implies no risk by the client;
  • Maximum value obtainable from supplier management;
  • Reduction between 4% and 20% on annual expenses sustained;
  • Set-up and fine-tuning of a new procurement process aimed at ensuring results (innovation, risk management, savings, etc.);
  • Client’s personnel training.

A standard project produces tangible results just 12 weeks after its start-up, as seen in the following Gantt.

Schema di riduzione dei costi aziendali
Riduzione Costi Imballaggi
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